Ethical and Legal Mining- What does this mean?

Chrysocolla on Quartz

We’ve had people ask what we mean when we say that our crystals and minerals are ethically and legally sourced, and we wanted to take some time to explain it because it is a very important part of who we are as a company.

As you probably know, most mining is done illegally in countries like China and Peru. We have partnered with a mining company in Peru that started an ethical mining initiative in 2019. This initiative provides a full paper trail for all minerals from mine to retailer and also operates fully legally, paying taxes as well as providing safe working conditions and employee benefits. They are in fact the only legal source of pyrite from Huanzala Mine since 2021 , when a contract was signed with Mitsui Mining Company (who owns the mine), making pyrite an official product of the mine and giving exclusive rights for distribution to our partner.

Although mining itself is inherently not environmentally friendly, they are committed to doing it with the least amount of environmental impact possible.

Because of this, we have invested in and partnered with this mining company exclusively, and all of our products come through them. We hope to see more mining companies follow suit , and we are proud to support and be a part of this initiative.

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