New This Week

We are so excited to finally have some Blue Amber from Sumatra Island! This amber from Indonesia is very special because it looks like regular amber until you put a UV light on it and it turns bright blue. It’s absolutely stunning and great fun for all you UV Mineral Lovers.

In addition to the gorgeous Permineralized Fossilized Wood from West Antolian, Turkey that we shared last week, we also received a shipment of Indonesian Petrified Wood that is gorgeous!

Message us to reserve a piece, or come on in to the shop to pick one out in person. We are open Thursday 12-6 as usual, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday with extended hours (Friday 11-6, Saturday 11-6, and Sunday 12-6). Weather permitting, we will have live music on the patio Saturday and Sunday, and our special Thanksgiving Sale of 20% off EVERYTHING in the store all week-end as well!

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