Epidote- Fan-Shaped 45g


Epidote with fan-shaped crystal growth from Lima, Peru.

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Epidote is a metamorphic silicate that contains the elements Ca, Fe, Al, Si, O, and H. It is found in skarns, which are areas of carbonate rocks such as limestone or marble. When magma flows over the rocks and then cools, it releases water, which diffuses through the small spaces of the rock. These super acidic waters dissolve, replace, recrystallize, and alter minerals in the rock. It’s color ranges from pistachio green to almost black, depending on the amount of iron.

These are from the mining operation of Gemrock Peru.  They are located in the Department of Lima at approximately 2000m of altitude.  These crystals are fan-shaped layers, which is a very rare shape usually found in Pakistan.

Epidote is a Guardian Unifier Crystal. It protects, soothes, heals and guards. It amplifies the energy of other crystals. 

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