Crystabelle Fine Minerals


There’s lots of exciting things happening at Crystabelle Fine Minerals. We’ve finally got our online store up and running and are adding inventory every day!

We are so pleased to have this absolutely amazing 66 kilo (145lbs) pyrite and quartz cluster from Huanzala Mine in Peru. It will be on display in our gallery, as well as at the Santa Rosa Gem Faire at the end of April.

We also received an incredible shipment of chrysocolla on quartz with malachite that we are just thrilled with. We are getting those uploaded to the online store as quickly as we can, and have 7 exceptional large collector’s pieces that will be added to the Collector’s Corner soon. We also got some large pyrite crystals (cube and pyritohedron) that are just fantastic. Those will be in the store soon as well.


Upcoming shows:

  • Santa Rosa Gem Faire , April 29-May1, Sonoma County Fairgrounds
  • The Great Crystal Fair, June 5-6, Fort Mason Center San Francisco


We are expecting a shipment of chalcanthite from Peru this week. It’s coming from the same mine as last time and the pieces were exceptional . These sell out fast, we sold out the last shipment in one week-end at the San Francisco Crystal Fair.

Our last shipment of chalcanthite

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